I conquered, I survived Mt. Pulag

I finally made one of my dreams and I can finally check one destination on my bucket list. That is hiking Mt. Pulag. The famous sea of clouds and a must to visit place for a traveler like me.

We made a reservation under Mt. Pulag Experience for this trip. We started our adventure by having a side trip in Ambuklao Dam. I can say that it was like your in New Zealand with an Amazon Forest vibe.

Then after heading to Ambuklao Dam we went to Jang Jang Hanging bridge. Some of us have their breakfast here, but since I’m not hungry I immediately went to the hanging bridge and take some pictures and I can say that it is so worth it. The sun shining to the mountains and the clear river under the bridge will amaze you specially if your in the bridge. Don’t be scared to go in the middle part because that is where the best spot to take pictures.


After Jang Jang bridge we already went to Daklan Sulfur Spring. It is a sulfuric bubbling muddy hot spring and a natural attraction in Daclan. The smoke and sulfuric scent which smells like fart could be seen and smelled even your far.


That’s our side trip for this adventure.

Having a medical certificate is a MUST to have if you will be hiking Mt. Pulag. If you forgot to bring your medical certificate, they have a hospital along Kabayan just tell your guide that you don’t have one so they can drop you off to the hospital.

After all the side trip of this adventure I can say that this is it. We are now at the DENR station in Kabayan Benguet for our orientation.

Mt. Pulag is the third Highest Mountain in the Philippines

Before heading to our camp site we had our lunch and pick up our tents, head lamps to one of the houses in ranger station.

Our camp site is like exclusive for our group, because we are the only one on the camp and we had the best view ever!

As night falls the weather is starting to get cold….and cold…..and colder. We slept early for our body to be prepared for the hike on the following day. But due to the cold weather we cant sleep properly. I woke up 11.30 pm because I cant feel my feet anymore and the temperature went down to 8 degrees celsius. All of us is chilling, good thing we have our bonfire still lighted.Before our ,main hike we already fix everything and leave our stuff in our jeepney. We had our quick coffee break in one of the houses along the way and finish that break with a prayer.

This is it!!!

We started through the Ambangeg trail. As per the locals this is the easiest trail. It will take 4 hours or more to reach the summit. You’ll be battling with cold weather, so i suggest if your weak with cold temperature, be prepared. If your tired, don’t be shy to tell your guide to rest. But don’t be so OA that you will rest for like 5 mins because the only allowed resting time is 2 minutes, breathe, take a bite of your chocolate, drink water and start again the hike.

**Make sure your trash were all collected properly, respect the nature don’t throw them anywhere.

The first to two hours was the warm-up. You will start with a mix of uphill and plateau, pero kaya naman for the most part ahahaha. It was totally dark so you need to be careful. There were areas that seemed to be safe but its not, most part of the road is like your on the edge of cliffs already so be careful. It was really muddy and slippery too.

Each camp have their restroom so if you feel like you need to go pee wait to reach each camp. When we reach Camp 2, to be honest I want to give up already, it is very very cold and my asthma starting to attack. Since we have like 20 mins rest in Camp 2, which is the last camp before the grassland, I manage to rest.

As we enter the grassland you can feel the cold weather, moist and fog. I thought it was just a simple hike but no its not, it will really challenge you! Almost there, Finally, after a thousand steps, we finally reached the top!!! I had no words to say but WOW! Once you reach the top and witness the beauty of this panoramic landscape it was absolutely mesmerizing.

After taking selfies, groupies and video we already started to go back at the ranger station. Going down is a challenge again but the amazing view didn’t stop us because going down also offers a lot you can see the grassland, mountain tops, and its all really amazing

With these experiences, I could say to myself that I have really survived and conquered Mt. Pulag.


This adventure really taught me a lot of things. Hiking is not just like walking in the park, it requires preparation. Believe in your self, don’t let things stop you from reaching the top because a lot of good things is waiting for you when you reach your goal.




Now I can say I conquered, I survived Mt Pulag!!

If you wish to have same trip we had just visit

Mt. Pulag Experience

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check the photo blog I have created

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