2017: New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year, everyone!

Some people make resolutions every day and they don’t need the New Year to make resolutions. But for some, like me its on the first day of the year. With that I’m sharing my new year resolution to you guys…


Work Hard, Travel Harder

I have a long list of places I want to visit this coming 2017. So my first goal next year is to have a separate savings account for my travel plans. Its not necessary to put a big amount every pay date, you can put certain amount on your savings that will surely help you for your next trip. Its a rewarding experience if you work hard for your trip expenses.

Take more time for myself

Even though I’m alone every day, to be honest that’s not a time for me. I want to take more time for me, for my self. Go for a jog, spa or even go to a coffee shop and just simply read books is an awesome idea.

Learn to Wait

A lot of people is asking me why until now I’m single. I was hurt by a man that I used to love, maybe those time I’m in a hurry in being in a relationship so the result is the word HURT. So now I think to wait for the right person, is the best way to be in a long term relationship.

Get out of my comfort zone

There are times that I’m scared to do things, specially if its out of my comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to achieve your self goals even travel goals. Whether its eating exotic food or going for a solo travel. Everything is possible, don’t let other people stop you from doing what you want.

Spend Less

This is one of my biggest problem…I spend too much that I always buy things that is not even appropriate . But now I know this will no longer be a problem, since I have a lot of travel plans this coming year.


So yah, that is my New Years resolution that I promised to achieve this 2017. It’s hard to believe that 2016 is over already!  How about you guys, what is your New Year resolution? Would like to share some of them?

Happy New Year to you all! 




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