A Guide for a Solo Travel

People often ask me why I travel alone, the fact that I am a woman they might be concern and my one and only answer is “Why not”. Yes, they might be concern, thanks to that, but not because I’m a woman it means I can’t travel alone.

Traveling alone is a captivating, an eye-opening adventure that every woman needs to experience, maybe at least once in your life. A solo trip will give you an amazing journey, will help you get out of your comfort zone, even promote self-discovery and most of all FREEDOM…freedom to do everything your heart desires. Who knows, if your single you might also meet the prince charming of your life ….

Since I already experience travelling alone, here are my tips for your future solo travel


        One word, but powerful when it comes to travelling. Plan ahead of time, plan your destination, where you will go, your budget etc. I’m not actually a fan of planning trips, because sometimes there are times that the more you plan your trip there are tendency that it will be cancelled. Sabi nga nila mas maganda biglaan kesa pinaplano..

Have a backup Phone a basic one

     Aside from your smartphone, it is a good idea to bring a basic phone so when time comes that your main device is fully drain you have a backup phone to use for emergency purposes. Make sure also that all your main contacts are there.

Ask the locals

    If it’s your first time in one destination, it will be a good idea to set aside your shy-type attitude. Learn to ask, ask the locals because they know best. Like what they say “Marunong ang Nagtatanong”

Bring a Map

    Each and one of us have a smartphone, if your lazy enough to bring an actual map download an application like Google Maps – Navigation & Transit that will serve as your map. There are places also or even in some airports who have free map, there’s nothing wrong in getting at least one copy, right?

Make sure there is atleast one person who know where you  will be goin’

   A close friend or a relatives should know where you are. Let them know your location but don’t be like so OA that you will send them notification every time you move from place to place.

A Tripod

   This is what mostly the question I have every after vacation “Who took your photos then”. Bringing a tripod is one of my secret, set-up and pose and let your camera do the shot. The tripod that I’m using is not a big tripod like a photographer usually bring, because that will give too much weight to my bag.

Dress appropriately

    Whenever I travel, I always make sure that I dress accordingly, that I don’t look like a super tourist having a vacation, ahaha. That’s why you need to plan your trip, do research, before going to a vacation, research the place where your going, the weather, the culture of the locals of the destination your visiting.

Don’t tell anyone your alone

   When I go on a vacation I always pretend that I’m with someone or I’m just waiting for them. I sometimes pretend that I’m talking to someone on the phone. I know it’s crazy but this is for your own safety too. If a suspicious guy asks you if your married, tell them yes! ahaha to avoid unwanted attention.

Safety First

    Pepper spray on your pocket is a best idea, for emergency purposes.

Be attentive and enjoy your journey as it will bring a lifetime memory.




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