27 Things I’ve Learned in Life

Happy 27th Birthday to me. I’m now at the most exciting point of my life. I now know what makes me happy… and how to get it. There are times that I will fall down, I’ve failed but you know my biggest success?  Learning from those failures.
With that in mind, here are 27 things I’ve learned in my 27 years living in this world.


1. Learn how to take care of yourself.If you don’t know how to cook for yourself, do your laundry, earn money, take care of yourself when you are sick then you will be screwed one day. Okay, let’s say you might meet someone someday to help you to do those things, but when the day will come when you are alone for whatever the reason, and be helpless, who will help you? Just yourself. Be independent because this attitude will help you survive. Trust me! 😉

2. Learn to say thank you! We often focus on what is wrong in our lives, not what is right. It’s a crazy habit that needs to change actually. Why don’t be thankful for the big and small things that you receive, be thankful in every morning na nagising ka pa ahaha joke,😝 but common,  just be thankful how beautiful your life is and don’t just focus on what isn’t going right in your lives

3. Not everyone is going to like you. If someone doesn’t like you, who cares that is not your problem anymore. You were not born to please anyone else, move on and be happy and always think about those people who really cares about you.

4. Travel, travel and then travel 🚀 then travel again. Is there anything else magical as seeing something on the first time? It is like a mind blowing to see something or experience something you never experience before. Travelling will give you the privilege to meet new people, learn their culture and taste their foods. The world is so beautiful, and to fully understand that, you need to get our on your shell and see it with your own eyes.


5A day spent doing something you really love, is not a wasted day. Even though it is a simple watching your favorite movie or eating your favorite food.

6Tell everyone you love that you love them, life is short.

7Say, “I’m Sorry.” When you can look someone in the eye, and sincerely apologize, you can call yourself an adult. Forget about your pride, apologizing to someone sincerely is the best feeling. If they will not respond back, who cares right?

85 minutes! On the really hard days take like 5 minutes and take a deep breathe and exhale the negative things your thinking.

9Don’t Assume. If you want to know something don’t assume that you know the answer, learn to ASK.

10. Choose the people around you.  Surround yourself with people who have this positive vibes, who can build you up, not people who bring you down. Fire those people who are only bringing negativity to your life.

11. Weight is just a number. My weight is one of my problems. Now, I can say that though I easily gain weight and even though they call me fat as long as I’m happy, healthy and I still have the curves I no longer care.

12. It’s never too late to start anew journey.

13. Get out of your comfort zone. Try new things often. I was terrified at the starting line of my first one.  But trust me once you have accomplished something  you will feel a completely new kind of confidence.

14. You’ll find love when you least expect it. Stop searching for a guy who you can call your lover. Your ONE is out there, you just haven’t found him/her yet.

15. Be humble. No matter how successful you are, keep your feet on the ground.

16. Start investing, start having a savings under your name …

17. Know YOUR priorities  and start creating your life around it.

18. Always smile 😊 I know how tough life is but although your in a bad day and totally down. Smile, and that will lighten your mood and make your brain think your happy.

19. Rave, rave and repeat. A great event/festival to meet new friends and dance moves. LOL This really helps me to let go, sing with the crowd and dance all night.

20. Learn the act of saying “NO” I know it feels repulsive to let someone down and to decline their offer. But, you know what feels worse? Saying yes to something that you truly don’t want, it  is like dealing with the consequences.

21. Don’t be afraid to start again – In life, in love I know starting again can be hard, but it may be exactly what you need a Second Chance😃

22. Always have your earphones/headset with you. If you think your stress out and you don’t want to be affected with noise from your environment, get your earphones/headset stuck in your ears then start playing your favorite music 🎶

23. Don’t put effort to those people who don’t give back. If a person don’t appreciate your presence make them appreciate your absence.

24. Its okay to cry. The person who cries and shed tears for a moment is a strong person. Crying is like a thundershower for the soul 😂

25. Do the things you love. Why? It’s FREEDOM loving what you do in life is HAPPINESS

26. Pray…….No matter how hard life is or No matter how great your life is.  PRAY and be thankful 😏

27. Nobody is perfect, no matter how great or enlightened you are, we are still human and everyone make mistakes.


Thank you so much for reading! Do what makes you 😊happy. 😊

Well, here’s my wish: share my thoughts and continue supporting my blog ♥



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