My Secret Hideaway

After my Ilocos tour I decided to go to Pagudpud for another 3 days getaway. I want to go somewhere I can relax, away from a very crowded city, somewhere I can escape the stressful life and simply breathe and see the beauty of nature…

From Laoag, I traveled going up north to Blue Lagoon. A friend of mine suggested me to stay at Casa Consuelo. Traveled almost 2 hours to reach the resort.



As soon I arrive in Casa Consuelo I fell in love on its very mesmerizing scenery.
The resort is in front of the very famous Dos Hermanos the two identical mountains that were said to be brothers who are very close together.







This is just not a typical resort, it is like I’m at my grandmother’s house. Totally, a home experience! Specially when it comes to the food. I soooooooo love it. Chad told me that they serve home cooked dishes and it was really delicious. I even gained almost 3 pounds because my room has a free breakfast that is good for 3 persons ahahahaha.



I stayed in the cabana room, it has a boho accent interior which I so so love. However, just a heads up, this room don’t have its own comfort room. The comfort room is outside the cabana which is a sharing comfort room from the other cabana. (They only have 2 cabanas so you don’t need to worry :)) The room also don’t have a television to entertain you, but common, if your like me who wants to relax this is the best way to relax.
Away from all those gadgets :)
(although I have my laptop with me)

Cabana Uno





The beach front in Casa Consuelo is bit rocky, but the view is so amazing! Every afternoon is the low tide time, so you have a chance to walk and check the rock formation. If you want to go swimming you can go in the morning since it is high tide, best time also for snorkeling.



I stayed here for 3 days & 2 nights, I supposed to have a tour all over Pagupud but my head suddenly ache so bad that I can’t even move. So I decided to have a walk at the beach and dip my feet in the very calming water and there I feel better, haaaayyyss Vitamin SEA is very effective.


I definitely recommend Casa Consuelo, the price might be a bit expensive but the place is really first class, worth it ♥




P. Paterno St., Barangay Balaoi, Sitio Baniaran, Pagudpud, Pagudpud, Philippines 2019
+63 949 876 4919

Going back to Casa Consuelo? A big YES!! I really enjoyed my stay here, good people and good place. It’s relaxing and peaceful ambiance really mesmerize me. I enjoy the peace and solitude of the location.


It’s definitely my secret hideaway.



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