The Magic at Mt. Malasimbo

When we say Puerto Galera one would automatically think, its a beach ofcourse or a diving spot! An island so close to the city .
This year I was given the most amazing opportunity, and that was to attend the Malasimbo Music Festival. I was beyond excited to head on over to Puerto Galera and just enjoy and discover the magic about Malasimbo.🎑


Imagine a wonderland of arts and music, full of positive vibes, steady people, good music from local and foreign musicians and the magic of nature.

That night, I witnessed one of the most beautiful festivals I have been to. Couldn’t believe there’s such a place in the Philippines like the Mt. Malasimbo!🌄



The event was filled with mix of drum and bass, electronic and world music. There was art everywhere. The pieces were all brilliant and made to illuminate the spirit of Malasimbo.
It actually really felt like your is a museum under the stars. The wind was blowing strong  and because the venue is at the top of the mountain, expect that it is cold. 


You will be given a magnetic bracelet upon entering the location. This will serve as your ticket for that 3 days event and serve as your wallet too. You have to load it if you want to buy food and drinks inside, if you run out of money there are loading stations inside also. They had a sponsor bank so there was an ATM machine inside and outside.

Hungry?🍴 There are foods and drinks inside, although its a bit expensive it is still worth it. They sell a food there which it is only being sold just for Malasimbo event. They call it “Dobo-Dabo” served on a coconut shell and a banana leaf (which serve as your plate) It’s a chicken adobo with mushroom and garlic chips on top for only 170 php. It’s quite pricey for the small serving, but worth the try.
Definitely one of the best seller!!!



Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is a must-see, hear and feel.




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